The Right Industry,

at the Right Time!

The home improvement industry thrives in all types of economies.

When markets are up people improve their homes and build new ones. But did you know that during recent slow markets the home improvement industry has continued to grow? In an economic slowdown consumers see home improvements as a quality of life benefit that also preserves their most valuable investment; their home.

According to IBIS World, the residential and commercial painting industry in the US takes in $28.8 billion each year. With revenue growth of 4.8% the industry is growing at a very fast pace. Residential and commercial painting is a stable and mature industry that continues to act like a growth industry.

Are you are looking for a business that is not only sustainable but continues to grow over time?

Do you want a build a business that your children and grandchildren will be able to take over?

Our service is improved by technology, never replaced by it. Constantly changing trends in color and interior design create demand for our services. We never go out of fashion. You can franchise with the latest food fad, or a gimmicky new product and be declining in a few years. Or, you can invest in a franchise with The Painting Pros®.

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